10 Amazing Bodies of UFC Octagon Girls

by Ravi Ram

The world of UFC is not just about fierce fighters. It is also home to some incredibly dedicated and fitness-focused Octagon girls. These women are known not only for their stunning looks but also for their commitment to health, wellness, and various sports activities that keep them in top shape. From hiking to skiing to Muay Thai, these Octagon girls have incorporated varied fitness routines into their lives. Let’s take a look at the lives of 10 Octagon girls, as they share their fitness secrets, passions, and some interesting snippets from their journeys.

Red Dela Cruz, a stunning Octagon girl, shared some of her wellness secrets in an interview with The Daily Mail. She revealed that health and fitness have always been a part of her life since she was 17. Her daily routine consists of waking up early to go to the gym, cooking her own meals, going for long walks two to three times a week, and maintaining a balanced diet.

Jhenny Andrade, another incredible Octagon girl, recently won “Best Ring Girl” at the MMA Awards. Speaking to UFC.com, she expressed her joy at being among the five nominees and her determination to keep the award in Brazil for years to come. She compared her mindset to that of Amanda Nunes, a UFC fighter who always states that nobody is going to take the belt from her. Andrade follows the same mindset for her award, believing that she will keep it.

Jamilette Gaxiola, another fitness enthusiast, loves to hike to stay in shape. She often shares photos on Instagram of herself hiking among the rocks in Sedona, Arizona. The Cleveland Clinic states that hiking has numerous benefits, including a natural boost of happiness.

Chrissy Blair, inspired by her role as a ring girl, has taken up boxing to stay in shape. She shared a video on Instagram of herself taking a boxing class and jokingly mentioned that she is pretending to know how to box. This weekend workout at Rumble Boxing Del Mar shows her dedication to maintaining her fitness levels.

Carly Baker, another Octagon girl, enjoys golfing as a way to stay fit. She posted photos and videos on Instagram of herself taking shots at the driving range. Golf has been known to be good for cardiovascular health and overall fitness, according to Better Health. Walking an average course for a round of golf can be between five to seven kilometers, providing optimal endurance exercise for the heart.

Camila Olivera likes to ski to keep herself in shape. She shared a photo of herself on the slopes on Instagram, captioning it “Ski day.” Skiing provides numerous fitness benefits, such as cardiovascular health, overall fitness, strength, coordination, and balance, according to the Canadian Ski Council. It offers a full-body workout encompassing the benefits of cardio, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and strength training.

Vanessa Hanson, a fitness enthusiast, shared her favorite foods in an interview with StyleCaster. She is a big fan of fish and often orders sushi when eating out. She specifically enjoys sashimi and avoids tempura rolls. For lunch, she mentioned having mahi-mahi with an avocado quinoa salad.

Summer Daniels emphasizes the importance of self-confidence. In an interview with Cageside Press, she discussed being nominated for Ring Girl of the Year and mentioned that winning or not winning did not matter to her because she felt like a winner in her heart. Daniels draws her confidence from the fans and believes that the good and bad experiences help her grow.

Ariyanny Celeste, a well-known Octagon girl, shared her workout secrets in an interview with Muscle and Fitness. She revealed her preference for guys with nice glutes and mentioned that Muay Thai is a great workout for the butt. She trains with guys and jokingly added that she has slapped a few of them around during practice.

These Octagon girls are not just pretty faces; they are dedicated individuals who work hard to maintain their fitness and lead a healthy lifestyle. Their commitment to health, wellness, and various sports activities is truly inspiring, and they serve as role models for anyone looking to stay in shape and lead an active life. So the next time you watch a UFC fight, remember that there is more to it than just the fighters in the Octagon – the Octagon girls behind the scenes are just as badass and dedicated to their fitness journeys.

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