5 ways to combat garlic breath

by Rajesh Kaur

Combatting Garlic Breath: The Power of Yogurt

Garlic not only makes your food taste better, but it also offers numerous health benefits. But we are also aware of the bad breath resulting from the consumption of garlic. This is due to the presence of sulfur compounds, particularly allicin. When these compounds break down, they produce foul-smelling gases, causing halitosis or bad breath. The smell can linger on your breath for hours. So, what can you do to eliminate the garlic breath?

Eat yogurt right after having garlic. According to a new study by researchers at The Ohio State University, yogurt has a strong deodorizing effect. Their lab study results, published recently in the journal Molecules, showed that whole milk plain yogurt can prevent the volatile compounds responsible for garlic’s pungent scent from escaping into the air. While both fat and protein components of yogurt were effective at trapping garlic odors, proteins showed a stronger deodorizing effect.

Other Ways to Combat Garlic Breath

While yogurt is a great solution for combating garlic breath, there are other methods you can try as well:

  1. Citrus Fruits: Consuming citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, or grapefruits can help neutralize the odor of garlic. The acidic nature of these fruits helps eliminate the sulfur compounds responsible for bad breath.
  2. Parsley: Chewing on parsley leaves after eating garlic can provide temporary relief from garlic breath. Parsley contains chlorophyll, which acts as a natural breath freshener.
  3. Mint: Mint leaves or mint-flavored gums and candies can temporarily mask the garlic odor. However, it is important to note that this is just a temporary solution and may not completely eliminate the smell.
  4. Proper Oral Hygiene: Brushing your teeth, flossing, and using a mouthwash can go a long way in reducing garlic breath. Make sure to clean your tongue as well, as odor-causing bacteria can accumulate on its surface.
  5. While these remedies can provide some relief, it’s important to note that the best way to completely eliminate garlic breath is to avoid consuming garlic. However, if you can’t resist the flavors and health benefits of garlic, incorporating yogurt into your post-garlic meal routine can greatly reduce the presence of garlic breath.

    Next time you reach for that delicious garlic-infused dish, don’t forget to have a serving of yogurt handy. Not only will it enhance the flavors, but it will also keep your breath fresh.

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