Ahead of winter, pulmonary health checkup for Gurugram traffic cops

by Rahul Devi

The Gurugram traffic police in India have taken a proactive step to ensure the well-being of their personnel amidst the city’s worsening air quality. With winter approaching, the police force has decided to conduct pulmonary health check-ups for its 1,200 traffic cops. This initiative aims to identify any potential lung issues, breathing difficulties, or allergies among the officers, which will help determine their postings during the forthcoming months.

Despite being armed with anti-pollution masks every winter, the police force is taking extra precautions this year due to Gurugram consistently being in the worst air quality category in the National Capital Region (NCR) for the past five years. The health and safety of the officers, many of whom have experienced multiple bouts of Covid-19, is a top priority. By examining their workforce, the police can assign postings accordingly. Officers with good health will be posted to areas with the poorest air quality index (AQI) while those with respiratory issues will be assigned to locations with lesser vehicular density.

Virender Vij, DCP of traffic, stated, “We have enough masks for cops, but regular health checkups are being conducted. This time we will be getting their lungs examined. On average, the cops spend 8 hours outside even when there is poor air quality. This checkup will help in rationalising their posting and ensuring their good pulmonary health.”

Gurugram, a prominent city in Haryana, faces severe air pollution issues, primarily due to vehicular emissions, dust, and industrial pollution. The city’s authorities have implemented various measures to combat pollution, such as the Odd-Even scheme, encouraging the use of public transport, and even introducing a fine for open burning of waste. However, the poor air quality remains a persistent problem.

By prioritizing the health and well-being of their traffic cops, the Gurugram traffic police hope to mitigate the risks associated with prolonged exposure to polluted air. This initiative underscores the importance of maintaining a healthy workforce and highlights the need for individuals in polluted areas to prioritize their respiratory health.

In conclusion, the decision to conduct pulmonary health check-ups for Gurugram’s traffic cops is a commendable step towards ensuring the well-being of these essential personnel. By identifying any respiratory issues and aligning postings accordingly, the police force aims to protect its officers from the harmful effects of air pollution. This initiative is a reminder for everyone to prioritize their lung health in areas where air quality is compromised, as respiratory well-being is crucial for a happy and productive life.

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