BJP leader Shashidhar Reddy seeks bulletins on Telangana Chief Minister’s health

by Rahul Devi

BJP leader Shashidhar Reddy has raised concerns about the lack of transparency regarding the health condition of Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao. Reddy has called for regular health bulletins to be released by competent medical authorities to keep the public informed and alleviate any potential misgivings.

In a letter addressed to Telangana Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan, Reddy highlighted the Chief Minister’s absence from public appearances in recent weeks. He also mentioned that a disclosure regarding Chandrasekhar Rao’s health was made by his son and Minister K T Rama Rao, stating that the Chief Minister had a secondary (bacterial) infection in his lungs.

Reddy emphasized that it is customary for health bulletins to be issued in instances of illness affecting individuals holding high public office, with updates provided by hospital authorities and government health officials. However, such bulletins have been notably absent in this case.

Expressing concern over the situation, Reddy urged the Governor to direct the Chief Secretary to provide the necessary information to the public. He noted that many people have been worried about Chandrasekhar Rao’s condition, particularly due to rumors suggesting familial pressure to appoint his son as the next Chief Minister.

In response to these concerns, K T Rama Rao had reassured the public that his father’s health was improving, stating that the Chief Minister had been suffering from viral fever but was expected to recover in a couple of days.

The lack of transparency surrounding the Chief Minister’s health and the absence of official updates have led to growing unease among the public. Regular health bulletins would not only provide clarity but also help dispel any rumors or speculations that may be circulating.

It is essential for government officials to address public concerns and ensure that accurate and timely information is communicated to the citizens. Transparency is vital, especially when it comes to the health of public figures who hold significant positions of responsibility.

As the Chief Minister’s health remains a matter of public interest, it is crucial that the concerns raised by BJP leader Shashidhar Reddy are taken seriously. Releasing regular health bulletins by competent medical authorities will not only put the public’s mind at ease but also promote transparency and accountability within the government.

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