Exercise supplement that scientists believe could fend off effects of Long Covid

by Ravi Ram

Almost two million people in the UK are estimated to be living with Long Covid, experiencing lingering symptoms even after recovering from the initial infection. The effects of Long Covid can be debilitating, causing general fatigue, loss of taste, breathing difficulties, body aches, headaches, and concentration issues. However, there may be potential relief in the form of an over-the-counter amino acid supplement.

Scientists have discovered that creatine, a popular exercise supplement used to enhance exercise performance and muscle growth, could help combat the lingering effects of Long Covid. In a groundbreaking study conducted by the University of Novi Sad in Serbia, participants who regularly took creatine reported a noticeable decrease in general fatigue within three months. By the six-month mark, they experienced a significant reduction in symptoms such as loss of taste, breathing difficulties, body aches, headaches, and concentration issues.

The study involved 12 individuals suffering from Long Covid, with half of them receiving daily doses of 4g creatine supplements for six months and the other half receiving a placebo. The results showed that those taking creatine had a substantial increase in levels in leg muscles and across the brain. Dr. Sergej Ostojic, one of the leading researchers, stated that creatine induced a significant reduction in general fatigue and improved patient-reported outcomes.

The efficacy and safety of supplemental creatine for fatigue, tissue bioenergetics, and patient-reported outcomes in patients suffering from post-Covid fatigue syndrome were evaluated in this study. The results are promising, with creatine outperforming the placebo in improving brain and skeletal muscle creatine levels following medium-term intervention. The supplement also reduces several symptoms of post-Covid fatigue syndrome, including lung and body pain and poor concentration. Importantly, creatine has shown no major side effects, making it a safe and effective intervention for combating post-Covid fatigue syndrome.

While endorsing creatine as a potential treatment for Long Covid, the researchers stress the need for additional studies to confirm these findings across various post-Covid groups. Nevertheless, this breakthrough offers hope to the millions of people suffering from Long Covid and experiencing its lingering effects.

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In conclusion, creatine, an over-the-counter amino acid supplement widely used by fitness enthusiasts, may hold promise in alleviating the debilitating effects of Long Covid. With further research and confirmation, it could become a safe and effective intervention for combating post-Covid fatigue syndrome and providing relief to those still struggling with the aftermath of the virus.

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