Fitness coach who dropped more than 60LBS after she quit yo-yo dieting reveals the three EASY things YOU can do to lose weight

by Ravi Ram

Maddie Kossin, a fitness coach and nutritionist, has gained a following of over 272,000 on TikTok by sharing her no-nonsense approach to weight loss. After struggling with body image and her relationship with food for almost a decade, Kossin decided to focus on sustainable lifestyle changes rather than fad diets. In just six years, she went from weighing nearly 200 pounds to 134 pounds with just 24 percent body fat.

Recently, Kossin shared three easy things that anyone can do to start losing weight, even if they have no idea where to begin. Her first tip is to get a cute water bottle and carry it with you everywhere you go. By drinking water before and after meals, and in between, you can stay hydrated and curb your appetite. Kossin emphasized that this simple step is easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

Her second recommendation is to walk intentionally for 20 minutes every day. This can be done anywhere, whether it’s in your own home, at a store like Target, or outside. Kossin suggested breaking up the 20 minutes into shorter intervals if needed. Walking not only burns calories but also has various health benefits.

Kossin’s third and most crucial tip is to write down your weight loss goal in the present tense, as if you have already achieved it. By visualizing your success and expressing gratitude for reaching your goal, you can adopt a positive mindset that will help you stay motivated. Kossin believes that consistently practicing these three things can lead to life-changing results.

Many of Kossin’s fans have praised her no-excuse approach to weight loss and have found her tips to be helpful. One person mentioned how they started walking instead of sitting, thanks to Kossin’s video, while another person admitted that her motivation to take action came from Kossin’s insistence that excuses be eliminated. The impact of Kossin’s advice is evident in the comments on her video.

In addition to her TikTok success, Kossin has also shared her weight loss journey on Instagram. She recently celebrated reaching her lowest weight since starting her transformation, acknowledging that the process took time and required consistent effort. Kossin emphasized the importance of focusing on sustainable lifestyle changes rather than quick fixes, as she had personally tried numerous diets before finding long-term success.

She highlighted that weight loss is challenging and that lifestyle changes can be difficult, but ultimately, the choice is ours. Kossin explained that the hardest part for her was realizing that she was harming her health by not prioritizing physical activity and consuming nutrient-dense foods. Ultimately, she encouraged everyone to choose their hard and embrace a mindset that supports long-term change.

Maddie Kossin’s story and advice serve as an inspiration for those who are struggling with their weight. Her focus on sustainable changes and her no-excuse approach provide a refreshing perspective on weight loss. Ultimately, it is important to remember that a healthy lifestyle is a lifelong journey, and success comes from consistent effort and dedication.

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