Ginny MacColl, Oldest Competitive Ninja, on Her Core Workout

by Ravi Ram

At the age of 71, Ginny MacColl has achieved something truly remarkable – she is the world’s oldest competitive ninja athlete who is a woman. This feat is made even more impressive by the fact that MacColl never played a competitive sport until her 60s.

MacColl’s journey to becoming a ninja athlete began with a simple inspiration – her daughter, Jessie Graff, who has been a contestant on American Ninja Warrior for 10 seasons. MacColl saw how strong and healthy her daughter looked and decided that she wanted to be strong too. So, at the age of 63, she took up obstacle courses and competed in her first Ninja obstacle course on the show six years ago. This opportunity came about after the American Ninja Warrior casting department witnessed her working out alongside Graff in a segment.

During a recent interview, MacColl shared some of the wisdom she has gained over her seven decades. She emphasized that it’s never too late to start and mentioned that there are people in their 80s and 90s finding great abilities in strength training using resistance bands. MacColl encouraged others to believe in themselves and find their passion, committing to it and making it a habit.

To maintain her strength and keep movement in her life, MacColl follows a rigorous workout regimen. She works out five to six days a week and prioritizes rest on her off-days. Her routine includes balance work, such as practicing yoga to improve flexibility and strengthen muscles. She also incorporates strength training, alternating between push and pull workouts to target different muscle groups, including legs. MacColl does cardio workouts four times a week, often swimming competitively at the National Senior Games. Additionally, as a competitor on American Ninja Warrior, she hits an outdoor obstacle course twice a week to maintain her agility.

When asked about her favorite workout, MacColl mentioned a five-step core exercise that leaves her “dying by the end of the workout.” The series includes moves like the hollow hold, V-ups, flutter kicks, knee-ups, and scissor kicks. These exercises help keep her core strong and engaged.

Looking ahead, MacColl’s journey is far from over. Initially, she started her American Ninja Warrior career to bond with her daughter, but setting a Guinness World Record as the oldest competitive female ninja athlete has given her even more motivation to continue. She is determined to keep going and maintain her record so that nobody else beats it.

Ginny MacColl’s story is a testament to the power of determination and perseverance. She proves that age is just a number and that it’s never too late to chase your dreams and challenge yourself physically. MacColl’s journey serves as an inspiration to people of all ages to believe in themselves, find their passion, and commit to leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

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