Health Influencer Amanda Bisk Shares Swimsuit Photo Feeling “Smiley”

by Ravi Ram

Health influencer Amanda Bisk is known for her fit and toned physique, and she recently shared a stunning picture of herself at Trigg Beach in Perth, Australia. Dressed in a bright patterned bikini, Bisk looked out towards the ocean with a smile on her face. Her post drew compliments from fans who expressed their desire to visit Perth. However, Bisk’s fitness and health are not the result of luck or chance; she follows specific lifestyle and health habits that contribute to her well-being. Here are five habits that Bisk swears by.

1. Varied Workout Regimen: Bisk’s workout routine varies based on her travel plans and schedule. She trains twice a day, but each session only lasts for 20 minutes. In the morning, she engages in a 20-minute HIIT circuit using bodyweight exercises. In the afternoon, she focuses on either a 20-minute sprint session or a run. Bisk prefers fast-paced, explosive workouts that can be done anywhere, without the need for equipment. Additionally, she dedicates time each evening to stretching and practicing yoga for 30 minutes to an hour before bed. On Saturdays, she tries to engage in different activities like surfing, gymnastics, or hiking, and Sundays are dedicated to gentle yoga and stretching.

2. Plant-Based Diet: Bisk follows a mostly plant-based diet and has been a vegetarian for a year. She believes in eating wholefoods with minimal processing and emphasizes incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables into her meals. Bisk ensures her vegetarian diet includes protein, iron, and B vitamins by consuming foods like beans, lentils, eggs, chia, tofu, spirulina, and leafy green vegetables.

3. Exercise for Happiness: Bisk views exercise as a way to feel good both physically and mentally. She loves the way she feels when she is active, citing improved energy levels, mood, and overall health. Bisk experienced the impact of being unable to exercise during her battle with chronic fatigue, leading her to appreciate the importance of physical activity in her quality of life. Her happiness peaks when she engages in outdoor activities such as running, jumping, and playing.

4. Daily Stretching Routine: Flexibility is essential to Bisk, and she maintains it through consistency. She incorporates stretching into her daily routine, dedicating 15 to 30 minutes in the morning and sometimes in the evening. Bisk combines stretches from gymnastics and athletics with yoga. Her stretching routine includes sun salutations to warm up her body, stretches for her legs and hips, splits, and finishes with shoulder and backbends. Regular stretching is key to improving flexibility.

5. Healthy Lifestyle for Beauty: Bisk believes that a healthy lifestyle directly impacts the appearance of hair and skin. She emphasizes the importance of a nutritious diet, as fresh and healthy foods show on the outside. Bisk recommends a book called the “A-Z of nutrients” as a resource to understand which nutrients support hair, nails, muscles, recovery, and skin. In addition, she uses Biotherm products as part of her skincare routine, focusing on proper cleansing and moisturizing.

Amanda Bisk’s commitment to her health and well-being shines through her lifestyle and daily habits. From her varied workouts and plant-based diet to consistent stretching and focus on a healthy lifestyle for beauty, Bisk serves as an inspiration for those aiming to prioritize their overall wellness.

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