Healthcare facilities reviewed at CHC Sheeri

by Aditya Kumar

The Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Baramulla, Dr. Syed Sehrish Asgar, recently paid a visit to the Community Health Centre (CHC) Sheeri in Bandipora to assess the quality of healthcare facilities provided to patients. This visit aimed to ensure that the hospital is offering adequate medical services and to address any issues or concerns that patients may have.

During her visit, Dr. Sehrish meticulously inspected various wards and sections of the CHC. She wanted to assess the availability of medicines, diagnostic equipment, and other essential facilities within the hospital. By conducting this thorough inspection, the DC aimed to guarantee that patients receive comprehensive care without any hindrances.

Additionally, Dr. Sehrish took the opportunity to interact with patients and their attendants. She inquired about their well-being and sought feedback on the facilities and services they received. This provided an essential opportunity for patients to voice their concerns, issues, and demands. By actively listening to patients, Dr. Sehrish hoped to gain valuable insights on how to further improve the healthcare services provided by the hospital.

The DC emphasized the importance of dedicated and sincere service from the entire medical and paramedical staff. It was essential for patients to feel comfortable and supported while receiving treatment. The commitment to providing quality healthcare facilities to the people of Baramulla district was also reiterated by Dr. Sehrish. This highlighted the district administration’s dedication to ensuring that healthcare services meet the needs and expectations of the community.

Overall, the visit of Dr. Syed Sehrish Asgar to the CHC Sheeri in Bandipora was a significant step towards evaluating and improving healthcare facilities in the region. By actively engaging with patients and addressing their concerns, the DC demonstrated a commitment to enhancing the quality of healthcare services. This visit serves as a reminder of the crucial role that local authorities play in ensuring access to adequate and reliable healthcare for all individuals in the community.

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