Healthcare institutions | DHSK directs officials to conduct morning meetings

by Aditya Kumar

The Directorate of Health Services Kashmir (DHSK) has recently issued a directive urging all healthcare institutions within its purview to conduct daily morning meetings at 10:00 AM. This initiative aims to promote mental and physical health awareness and lifestyle choices among the employees of these institutions.

The primary objective of these morning gatherings is to foster a holistic approach to well-being among the Department’s staff. By focusing on the mental and physical health of the employees, the DHSK expects that the quality of care provided to patients in these healthcare facilities will be positively impacted.

In an official order issued by the DHSK, it states, “It is enjoined upon all the Chief Medical Officers/Medical Superintendents/Block Medical Officers of Kashmir Division to ensure morning meetings at 10:00 AM for a minimum duration of 5 to 10 minutes daily in all healthcare institutions under their jurisdiction, where Mental & Physical healthy lifestyle choices, suggestions, tips shall be promoted.”

All employees currently on duty, except those engaged in emergency duties, are expected to actively participate in these morning meetings. The DHSK believes that by engaging all staff members, they can create a supportive environment that encourages employees to prioritize their overall well-being.

Furthermore, Dr Mushtaq A Rather, Director Health Services, Kashmir, has instructed all Chief Medical Officers (CMOs), Medical Superintendents (MSs), and Block Medical Officers (BMOs) to regularly submit action taken reports to the Directorate. This measure ensures that the implementation of this health-promoting initiative is effectively monitored and evaluated.

This directive highlights the commitment of DHSK towards the well-being of its employees. By prioritizing mental and physical health awareness, the Directorate seeks to create a positive and conducive work environment that will ultimately benefit both the staff and the patients they care for.

Promoting healthy lifestyle choices and providing suggestions and tips during these morning meetings will empower employees to take charge of their own health. They can then serve as role models for their patients, inspiring them to adopt healthier habits and leading to improved overall health outcomes.

The DHSK’s initiative is commendable, as it recognizes the importance of health and well-being of healthcare providers. By investing in their employees’ mental and physical health, the Directorate is ultimately investing in the health and well-being of the entire community.

As this health-promoting initiative takes effect, it will be interesting to see the positive impact it has on the overall healthcare system in Kashmir. By prioritizing the well-being of its staff, the DHSK sets a strong example for other healthcare institutions to follow, further improving the quality of care provided to patients.

In conclusion, the DHSK’s directive to conduct daily morning meetings for promoting mental and physical health awareness among healthcare employees is a step in the right direction. By nurturing a holistic approach to well-being, the Directorate aims to enhance the quality of care provided in healthcare facilities. This initiative not only benefits the staff but also creates a healthier community and sets a benchmark for other healthcare institutions to embrace similar measures.

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