India News | Delhi Health Minister Bhardwaj Oversees Facilities in HC Dispensary, Assures Appointment of Dentist

by Rahul Devi

Delhi Health Minister Saurabh Bhardwaj recently visited the Delhi High Court dispensary to assess the facilities provided. The surprise inspection was conducted after receiving a message from the Bar Association highlighting the need for improvements in the health services at the court.

During his visit, Minister Bhardwaj met with the dispensary in charge and doctors to discuss the requirements and areas for improvement. Some of the key issues raised included the need to upgrade X-ray and ultrasound machines, provide wax therapy in the physiotherapy center, and arrange for a specialist from LNJP hospital to visit twice a week.

One significant concern raised by senior doctor Mohit Mathur was the need for a 24/7 emergency helpline. He emphasized this after narrating an incident in which a litigant fainted in the mediation center and despite repeated emergency calls, died on the way to the hospital. This incident highlighted the need to address emergency situations promptly and efficiently.

Furthermore, there was a demand from the Bar Association for the appointment of a dentist at the dispensary. Minister Bhardwaj promised to fulfill this requirement soon and assured the deployment of a dentist in the dispensary shortly.

Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva, who was also apprised about the dispensary’s requirements, expressed his interest in addressing the issues raised and improving the facilities. Director of LNJP Hospital, Dr. Suresh Kumar, along with other doctors and officials from the Health Department, joined the Minister during his visit.

The visit by Delhi Health Minister Saurabh Bhardwaj demonstrates the government’s commitment to improving healthcare facilities in the city. The Minister’s assurance to address the concerns raised by the Bar Association, such as the appointment of a dentist and equipment upgrades, reflects a proactive approach towards providing better healthcare services.

It is crucial for public institutions like the Delhi High Court to have well-equipped and accessible healthcare facilities to cater to the needs of visitors and employees. Timely medical assistance and emergency services are vital in ensuring the well-being of individuals within the court premises.

Overall, Minister Bhardwaj’s visit to the Delhi High Court dispensary and his promise to make necessary improvements highlight the government’s dedication to enhancing healthcare services in the city. Such initiatives are essential in securing the health and safety of the public and should be encouraged and supported.

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