Kerala CM says conspiracy made against Health Minister’s office

by Rahul Devi

Job Fraud Charges: Kerala CM Says Conspiracy Made Against Health Minister’s Office

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has strongly condemned the allegations made against Health Minister Veena George’s office, stating that it is part of a clear conspiracy. According to him, the media reports surrounding the allegations are nothing more than a smokescreen created by those trying to hide the truth.

Vijayan made these remarks at a program organized by the LDF mandalam committee in Dharmadom. He highlighted that the aim of the conspirators was to project a falsehood as the truth, but their allegations didn’t last long as the mastermind behind the alleged job fraud was caught red-handed by the police.

The suspected kingpin in the job fraud and bribery case, Akhil Sajeev, was apprehended by the Kerala police in Theni, Tamil Nadu. The bribery allegations involved a personal staff member of the health minister, which sparked a major controversy in the state.

Vijayan emphasized that false stories were fabricated against the health department, which has been functioning flawlessly. He pointed out that the allegations against a key person in the office involved corruption, but it was proven that this individual was not present in Thiruvananthapuram on the day mentioned in the complaint.

This incident has shed light on the conspiracy created against the Health Minister’s office, with the news reports regarding the alleged job fraud being part of this plot. Vijayan also criticized the opposition Congress for adopting a soft approach towards the Sangh Parivar and lacking a strong stance against it at the national level.

Meanwhile, the interrogation of Akhil Sajeev, who was arrested by the Pathanamthitta police, is ongoing. Sajeev had been on the run since bribery charges surfaced against a personal staff member of Health Minister Veena George regarding the appointment of a medical officer.

The Health Minister’s office firmly denied the allegations against the personal staff member, Akhil Mathew, and filed a complaint with the Thiruvananthapuram city police, demanding a thorough investigation.

Akhil Sajeev, a former office secretary of CITU, the trade union wing of the CPI(M), in Pathanamthitta, is also accused in another fraud case currently under police investigation.

The alleged job fraud in the health department involved appointments and came to light after Haridasan, from Malappuram, accused Mathew of accepting a bribe for the appointment of his daughter-in-law as a medical officer. The Thiruvananthapuram city police have already arrested M K Raees, a resident of Kozhikode, in connection with the case.

Haridasan further alleged that a former office secretary of CITU in Pathanamthitta, who acted as a middleman, also accepted a bribe for the same appointment. However, his daughter-in-law did not secure the job.

As these allegations generated a major political controversy in the state, Mathew filed a police complaint requesting an investigation. The police registered an FIR based on Mathew’s complaint, under IPC Sections 419 and 420 (cheating).

With this recent development, it has become evident that a conspiracy was orchestrated against the Health Minister’s office, and the news reports surrounding the alleged job fraud were part of this plot. The ongoing investigation will hopefully uncover more details and bring all the culprits to justice.

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