Nelly Korda has three exercises for you that will really improve your ball-striking

by Ravi Ram

Improve Your Golf Swing with These Exercises from LPGA Star Nelly Korda

If you’re an avid golfer, you’ve probably heard the importance of turning, not swaying or sliding, in your backswing. You may have also been told to maintain your spine angle throughout your swing. These elements are crucial for quality ball-striking, but they require a certain amount of strength and mobility to achieve. If you’re looking to make your swing more functional, stable, and even powerful, LPGA star Nelly Korda has some exercises that can help.

One of the exercises that Korda incorporates into her training routine is squats with a looped band for external resistance. Andrea Doddato, a Golf Digest Certified Fitness Trainer, explains that this exercise helps Korda maintain proper alignment in her knee, forcing her glute medius and outside quad muscle to engage against the resistance of the band. To make it more challenging, Korda adds 26-pound weights in each hand. However, it is recommended to start without weights and focus on proper form before adding any external weights.

Another exercise that Korda performs is a rowing exercise with an underhand grip. Doddato explains that this exercise helps Korda activate her mid traps (shoulder blades) while keeping her upper traps out of the movement. Strengthening these muscles is essential for maintaining proper shoulder position in the backswing and follow-through, as well as facilitating a powerful turn of the thoracic spine (middle back).

Korda also incorporates lateral band walks into her routine to work on her torso, core, and hips. This exercise helps her maintain level hips while performing a lat pull. It can be challenging to keep the body in perfect alignment throughout the movement, but it’s important to avoid tilting the hips toward the arm that remains on the ground. By practicing this exercise, golfers can train their bodies to maintain the spine angle throughout the swing.

These exercises are just a few examples of how Korda enhances her golf swing through strength and mobility training. By incorporating these exercises into your own routine, you can work on improving your ball-striking abilities and achieve a more functional and powerful swing. Remember to start without external weights and focus on proper form before increasing the difficulty. With consistent practice and dedication, you can see improvements in your golf game.

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