Popular painkiller recalled from shelves over quality concerns

by Arjun Singh

The Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB) has issued a recall for specific batches of a popular painkiller, Tamedol, due to concerns over its quality. The oral solution, manufactured by Biopharma Ltd, has failed to meet the required market standards, prompting the PPB to take immediate action.

Tamedol is a widely used painkiller that helps alleviate various ailments such as headaches, colds and influenza, backache, period pain, toothache, and rheumatic pain. However, numerous complaints from consumers regarding the quality of certain batches of the product prompted the PPB to launch an investigation.

PPB CEO Fred Siyoi confirmed the validity of the complaints and stated that the product did not meet the necessary market authorization requirements. Consequently, the PPB is enforcing a mandatory recall of the affected product in accordance with the Pharmacy and Poisons Act.

In response, the PPB has urged all pharmaceutical outlets, healthcare facilities, healthcare professionals, and members of the public to take immediate action. Those in possession of the specified batches of Tamedol are required to either quarantine the product or return it to designated points.

Quarantining the product entails ceasing any further distribution, sale, or use of the recalled oral solution. Public health facilities have been instructed to return the products to their respective suppliers. By taking these precautions, the PPB aims to ensure that consumers are protected from potential risks associated with the substandard painkiller.

To further reinforce public safety, the PPB has encouraged individuals to remain vigilant and report any suspected cases of substandard medicines or adverse drug reactions to the nearest healthcare facility or directly to the PPB. The authority has implemented strict measures to guarantee that medicines available in the Kenyan market adhere to the required standards of quality, safety, and efficacy.

It is essential for both healthcare professionals and members of the public to comply with the PPB’s instructions and promptly return the affected batches of Tamedol. By doing so, they contribute to tackling the issue and safeguarding the wellbeing of the Kenyan population.

In conclusion, the recall of certain batches of Tamedol by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board illustrates the commitment of regulatory authorities to ensuring the quality and safety of medical products available in the market. Both the PPB and consumers have a shared responsibility in identifying and addressing potential risks associated with substandard medicines. Adhering to the recall notice is crucial in maintaining public health and safety.

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