Progress of major health projects in J&K reviewed

by Aditya Kumar

Enhancing Healthcare Infrastructure and Medical Care in Jammu and Kashmir: A Priority for LG’s Administration

Srinagar, Sep 15: Advisor to Lieutenant Governor, Rajeev Rai Bhatnagar, reiterated today that enhancing the healthcare infrastructure and medical care services across the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir is the prime objective of the LG’s Administration. Over the past four years, the medical infrastructure in the region has been significantly amplified.

During a high-level meeting, Advisor Bhatnagar reviewed the progress of ongoing works on major health projects in Jammu and Kashmir. The meeting focused on the newly established medical colleges in Anantnag, Baramulla, Handwara, Doda, Rajouri, Kathua, and Udhampur, as well as other healthcare facilities such as the Bone and Joint Hospital in Jammu/Srinagar, the State Cancer Institute in Jammu, the upgradation of SDHs in various locations, and the emergency hospital in Jammu, among others.

Advisor Bhatnagar emphasized the importance of timely execution and maintaining high-quality standards for these projects. He highlighted that these initiatives are crucial for the well-being of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, especially those residing in remote areas. The primary goal of these projects is to improve healthcare accessibility and ensure that the healthcare needs of the people are met efficiently and effectively.

The Advisor also expressed the commitment of the current Administration towards providing accessible and high-quality healthcare services to every citizen of Jammu and Kashmir. These ongoing projects serve as a testament to the relentless efforts and dedication of the Administration in improving healthcare infrastructure across the region.

The progress made in enhancing healthcare infrastructure and medical care services in Jammu and Kashmir is commendable. The establishment of new medical colleges and the upgradation of existing facilities will help bridge the healthcare gap and ensure that quality healthcare is accessible to all residents, irrespective of their location. This development aligns with the broader goal of the government to prioritize the health and well-being of its citizens.

It is crucial to continue focusing on the timely completion of these projects and maintaining the highest standards of quality. The success of these initiatives will contribute significantly to improving healthcare services, reducing the burden on existing healthcare facilities, and ultimately uplifting the overall health outcomes in Jammu and Kashmir.

The LG’s Administration deserves applause for its commitment and dedication to enhancing healthcare infrastructure and medical care services in Jammu and Kashmir. The people of the region can look forward to a brighter and healthier future as these projects come to fruition.

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