Revoke suspension of Sanjay Gandhi hospital’s licence: Varun Gandhi | Latest News India

by Rahul Devi

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Varun Gandhi has written to Uttar Pradesh deputy chief minister Brajesh Pathak, urging him to reconsider the suspension of the licence of Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital in Amethi. The suspension followed the death of a 22-year-old woman in a case of alleged medical negligence. Gandhi argued that the suspension of the hospital’s licence would have far-reaching consequences for healthcare access, employment, and education in the region, as many people depend on the hospital for primary healthcare services.

In his letter, Varun Gandhi requested that an impartial inquiry be initiated and stressed the importance of continuing critical healthcare services for the people of Uttar Pradesh. He emphasized the need to prioritize justice, fairness, and the overall well-being of those who rely on the Sanjay Gandhi Hospital for their healthcare needs.

The Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital, a 100-bed facility, has been operating in Amethi since 1989. The hospital is named after Varun Gandhi’s late father, Sanjay Gandhi. It is run by the Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Trust, with Senior Congress leader Sonia Gandhi serving as the chairperson.

The incident in question occurred when a 22-year-old woman, admitted to Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital on September 14, died following gallbladder surgery. Her condition worsened, and she was referred to a private hospital in Lucknow, where she passed away on September 16. The family alleged medical negligence and filed a first information report (FIR) on September 17. In response to the incident, district health officials ordered a probe and constituted a three-member inquiry team.

The probe report revealed that the patient became serious after being administered anesthesia but was transferred to ventilator support 80 minutes later, amounting to negligence. The report also highlighted the delay in transferring the patient to a hospital with a cardiologist, despite her experiencing a heart attack.

Uttar Pradesh Deputy CM Brajesh Pathak, who also holds the health portfolio, stated that the law does not work differently for the high or low, and that the FIR was lodged and a probe team was constituted. He added that the hospital was not competent enough to treat the patient.

Varun Gandhi’s appeal to reconsider the suspension of the hospital’s license comes in the wake of these developments. He emphasized the importance of continuing healthcare services for the people of Uttar Pradesh, while also safeguarding jobs and educational opportunities associated with the hospital.

Given the significance of the Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital in the region and the allegations of medical negligence, an impartial inquiry is necessary to uncover the truth and ensure justice for the woman who lost her life. It is crucial to strike a balance between holding the hospital accountable for any wrongdoing and maintaining access to essential healthcare services for the local community.

The authorities must carefully consider the implications of the suspension and make a decision that prioritizes the well-being of the people while upholding the principles of justice and fairness. The trust placed in the Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital by the local community and its historical legacy should be taken into account during this process.

Overall, it is important to address the concerns raised by Varun Gandhi and ensure that adequate healthcare services are available to the people of Amethi and surrounding areas. The Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital should be given the opportunity to rectify any deficiencies and continue serving as a crucial healthcare provider in the region.

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