Rising Dengue cases prompt urgent preventive measures in Hyderabad-Telangana Today

by Aditya Kumar

Rising Dengue Cases Prompt Urgent Preventive Measures in Hyderabad

According to doctors at private healthcare facilities, there has been a significant increase in cases of dengue since August in Hyderabad. This spike has prompted public health officials to urge residents in Hyderabad and surrounding districts to prioritize preventive measures, particularly avoiding mosquito bites from the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which is the vector for dengue virus transmission.

Reports from healthcare facilities indicate that there has been a ten-fold rise in dengue cases in Hyderabad since August. Although there is no official confirmation, estimates suggest that the number of dengue cases has jumped from a monthly average of 150 to 160 cases to nearly 1200 in August and September.

Till September, Telangana has reported nearly 3,000 positive dengue cases, with approximately half of them being from Hyderabad. This alarming increase in cases emphasizes the need for immediate preventive measures.

Dr. K Shankar, the Superintendent of Fever Hospitals, emphasizes that the only effective way to prevent dengue is to avoid mosquito bites. In case of infection, he advises patients to drink plenty of fluids, oral rehydration solution (ORS), and coconut water. It is crucial to avoid self-medication and seek medical assistance promptly.

Dr. K K Durga Prasad, a senior pediatrician from Ankura Hospital for Women and Child, recommends that patients take a lot of rest during the dengue recovery process. Rest is an essential aspect of recuperation, and parents should ensure that children limit strenuous activities and get ample rest to facilitate healing.

The symptoms of dengue include high fever, nausea, muscle and joint pains, bleeding gums, weakness, vomiting, and a drop in platelet count. To prevent dengue, it is important to eliminate stagnant water in households and wear long sleeves during mosquito-active hours, as Aedes aegypti mosquitoes predominantly bite in the morning. A balanced diet and staying hydrated improve blood volume and platelet count, which is crucial for positive patients. It is also essential to consult a doctor rather than resorting to self-medication.

Given the concerning rise in dengue cases, it is necessary for individuals and authorities to take immediate action to control the situation. By implementing preventive measures and seeking medical assistance promptly, the spread of dengue can be curbed, and the impact on public health can be minimized.

As the dengue outbreak continues to pose a threat, it is crucial for residents to remain vigilant and proactively adopt preventive measures to protect themselves and their communities from this dangerous mosquito-borne disease.

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