Sauna-based hot workout studio HOTWORX opens in Gurnee

by Ravi Ram

A new 24/7 fitness studio offering guided hot workouts inside saunas has opened in Gurnee, Illinois. Located at 6641 Grand Ave., this hot new fitness destination is the first of its kind between Chicago and Milwaukee. The studio is part of the HOTWORX franchise, which has been rapidly expanding since its inception in 2017. In fact, the Gurnee location is the franchise’s 500th studio.

Since opening its doors in June, the Gurnee HOTWORX has already attracted over 220 members in its first two months. Owner Ankit Modi expressed his gratitude for the positive response from the community, stating, “There is nothing like this around.”

What sets HOTWORX apart from other fitness studios is its offering of guided hot workouts inside infrared saunas. Members can choose from a variety of programs, including hot yoga and hot Pilates, and follow along with virtual instructors. The franchise claims that working out in infrared heat accelerates detoxification and offers numerous health benefits.

As a 24/7 fitness studio, the Gurnee location has implemented several safety measures, including video monitoring, to ensure the well-being of its members at all times.

Ankit Modi, who has been a resident of Gurnee for 13 years, purchased a franchise license in August 2021 after spending around 18 months searching for the perfect location. Despite his new venture, Modi continues to work as a physical therapist for geriatric patients. The soft opening of the studio took place on September 15, with Gurnee Mayor Tom Hood and trustee Quin O’Brien in attendance. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was made even more special by the presence of Modi’s parents, who traveled from India to celebrate the occasion.

Looking ahead, Modi plans to hold a grand opening once the studio reaches 500 members, a milestone he hopes to achieve in the spring. With its unique concept and growing popularity, HOTWORX Gurnee is poised to become a go-to fitness destination for those seeking a new and innovative way to stay fit and healthy.

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