Skier Lindsey Vonn Shares Swimsuit Photo Catching Some Waves — Celebwell

by Ravi Ram

Retired Olympian Lindsey Vonn is known for her incredible figure and athletic abilities. Recently, she took to social media to flaunt her physique in a swimsuit while wakeboarding in the ocean. However, her fun day took a turn when she encountered a giant jellyfish, leaving her with a sting or bite. Despite the mishap, Vonn maintained her positive attitude and continued to enjoy her time in the water.

Now that she has retired from skiing, many wonder how Vonn stays in such great shape. Let’s take a look at her diet and fitness routine.

When it comes to breakfast, Vonn likes to start her day with a nutritious meal. If she plans on doing cardio at the gym, she opts for a breakfast of banana and almond butter. If her workout routine includes lifting weights, she goes for eggs with avocado. And if she’s planning a day of skiing, she indulges in something heartier like steel-cut oats with fruit.

Vonn emphasizes the importance of listening to her brain and body when it comes to exercise. She believes that doing activities you enjoy is the key to staying motivated and active. Typically, she exercises at least three to four times a week, usually in the mornings.

While Vonn engages in cardio exercises at least twice a week, she avoids running due to a doctor’s recommendation. Instead, she chooses activities like cycling and surfing to maintain her cardiovascular fitness.

After a workout, Vonn satisfies her cravings with a protein shake. She prefers to add fruit or almond butter and beet powder to her shake, providing a sweet and nutritious post-workout treat.

For lunch, Vonn opts for a salad with a good source of protein. And for dinner, she uses her air fryer to prepare a protein-rich meal, often opting for salmon with a side of salad. She adds a touch of goat cheese and as many vegetables as possible to make her salad more flavorful. Additionally, she enjoys baking swordfish with Carbone marinara sauce, adding variety to her protein choices.

Taking care of her mental well-being is also a priority for Vonn. She finds solace in journaling, which has been a helpful practice throughout her career. On bad days, she revisits previous journal entries to remind herself of the good days. She believes that journaling allows her to reflect on her emotions and experiences, providing a valuable tool for self-reflection.

In addition to physical exercise and journaling, Vonn incorporates daily walks into her routine. After dinner, she takes her dog for a stroll to help “walk off” the glucose and enjoy some time outside.

Overall, Vonn follows a balanced diet and prioritizes activities that she enjoys to stay active and in great shape. Her commitment to physical and mental well-being is evident in her disciplined routine. Whether it’s wakeboarding in her swimsuit or exercising at the gym, Vonn continues to inspire others to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

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