Strengthening primary healthcare in India is our priority, says MoS for Health Bharati Pravin Pawar

by Rahul Devi

The ‘Ayushman Bhava’ initiative, launched by the Indian government, aims to strengthen primary healthcare services in the country. Union Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare, Bharati Pravin Pawar, highlighted the importance of this initiative during her visit to Vijayawada.

Pawar emphasized that the government’s goal is to ensure that no one is left out of the network of healthcare facilities provided by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration. To achieve this, various campaigns and programs have been implemented as part of the Swachhta Pakhwada, a sanitation and hygiene drive, which runs from September 17 to October 2.

As part of these efforts, Ayushman cards, which provide access to affordable healthcare services, are being distributed to people’s doorsteps. Pawar revealed that as of now, 91,000 cards have been distributed in Andhra Pradesh alone. Additionally, health camps called Ayushman Melas have been organized in both rural and urban areas, with 8,536 melas taking place across the state during the drive.

Furthermore, the Ayushman Sabha program is being implemented to raise awareness about the various healthcare schemes available to the public. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare aims to ensure that people are well-informed and can take advantage of the healthcare services offered.

Pawar also highlighted the convenience of obtaining an Ayushman card. She mentioned that there is an app available for download, which allows people to access their card and other health records online. This digital approach aims to enhance accessibility and streamline the process of availing healthcare services.

During her visit to Vijayawada, Pawar inaugurated a blood-donation camp at KBN College, where 500 units of blood were collected. This contribution was part of a larger drive across the state, where over 8,000 units of blood were collected in 250 camps.

The Minister encouraged people to participate in the blood-donation drive, urging them to follow the motto ‘Jeete Jeete Rakth Daan, Jaate Jaate Ang Daan’ which translates to “Donate blood while you live, donate your organs after you die.”

Through these initiatives and programs, the government aims to improve access to primary healthcare services and raise awareness about the healthcare schemes available to the public. By strengthening the primary healthcare system, the ‘Ayushman Bhava’ initiative aims to ensure that every individual can receive the healthcare they need, irrespective of their socio-economic background.

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