The 10 Best Mental Health Websites for Young People

by Raj Das

From childhood to adulthood, mental health plays a crucial role in every aspect of our lives. It impacts our personal relationships, physical health, and emotional well-being. Neglecting our mental health can lead to various issues such as depression, burnout, and anxiety. This is why mental health is even more essential for young people as they navigate through adolescent development. Whether you’re a young person or someone looking to help a loved one, there are several mental health websites specifically designed for young people that can provide valuable resources and support.

One such website is TeenHelp. As the name suggests, TeenHelp is targeted towards teenagers and covers a wide range of mental health topics including depression, abuse, violence, and anger management. What makes TeenHelp unique is that it also provides resources for parents, such as online contracts for behavioral guidelines and tips on choosing a therapist.

YoungMinds is a mental health charity based in the UK, but their website offers access to a vast library of advice, support, and resources for young people everywhere. The website is categorized for parents, professionals working with young people, and the young people themselves. YoungMinds also has an online store where you can purchase various mental health-related items.

If you’re a parent or caregiver seeking mental health resources and information, is the website for you. It covers topics like mental health warning signs, risks, protective factors, treatment options, and more. It also provides information on other youth-related topics such as bullying prevention, juvenile justice, and adolescent health.

ReachOut is a website that caters to both young people seeking help and parents looking for guidance. It offers various resources for mental health issues like addiction, self-harm, and anxiety. What sets ReachOut apart is its online community of young people and the option to chat with a peer worker. In case of a crisis, there is an Urgent Help button for immediate access to emergency contact information.

The Youth Mental Health Project is an excellent website for parents and carers seeking information about youth mental health and treatment options. It provides a parent support network where you can become a facilitator, join virtual support meetings, or access in-person support. There are also online resources for young people, including downloadable fact and resource sheets about mental health.

Your Mental Health Pal encourages young people to break the stigma surrounding mental health. The website offers various blog posts, news, and articles on mental health topics, as well as information about activities such as yoga and meditation. There is also an online shop where you can purchase mental health-related items like posters, stickers, and t-shirts.

Healthline is a well-known platform for reliable medical information and health advice. While it caters to people of all ages, their Youth in Focus section provides strategies and resources specifically for young people. It covers topics like signs of depression in children and teens, choosing the right therapist for your child, and recommended books about anxiety.

For LGBTQ youth seeking support, The Trevor Project is a vital resource. Their website focuses on suicide prevention and crisis intervention, providing options to chat, call, or text with trained counselors. The Trevor Project also offers information on mental health and specific topics like self-harm prevention, support for Black LGBTQ youth, and self-care practices.

Verywell Mind offers guidance and information about various mental health topics from anxiety disorders to childhood ADHD. All articles are fact-checked and written by experts. While it is primarily a resource for parents and caregivers, young people can still find immediate help if they’re going through a crisis.

The Mighty is a website that provides reliable resources, support, and information about mental health. The Explore page allows users to search using keywords or phrases and read stories and posts from real people. The Mighty also offers online Groups, where young people can connect and discuss their experiences with chronic illnesses, disabilities, depression, trauma, and more. They also have a mobile app available for iOS and Android.

In conclusion, mental health is crucial for young people as it affects every aspect of their lives. It’s important for young people and those who love them to have access to reliable mental health resources and support. The mentioned websites like TeenHelp, YoungMinds,, ReachOut, The Youth Mental Health Project, Your Mental Health Pal, Healthline, The Trevor Project, Verywell Mind, and The Mighty provide valuable information, resources, and communities for young people seeking help and support. Good mental health begins in youth, and it’s essential that we prioritize and address mental health issues at a young age for a better future.

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