‘The bedroom is a real trigger for me’: Selena Gomez on anxiety, depression, mental health struggles she underwent during lowest phases

by Raj Das

In a recent appearance at the Music and Health Summit in Los Angeles, Selena Gomez spoke openly about her struggles with mental health and how the bedroom can be a trigger for her. The actress and singer has always been very candid about her battle with anxiety and depression, and she has become a devoted spokesperson for mental health.

Gomez, who has had a decades-long career in the entertainment industry, has experienced her fair share of ups and downs. From being a child artist to a successful singer and actress, she has faced numerous health scares and personal challenges. She has spoken openly about getting therapy and seeking help for her mental health issues.

However, considering everything she has been through in her life, including a lupus diagnosis, a kidney transplant, and bipolar disorder, it’s not surprising that things can be complicated for her. Despite these challenges, Gomez remains resilient and determined to take care of her mental health.

During her appearance at the Music and Health Summit, Gomez made a stylish statement by wearing a pink corset power suit. She spoke about a range of issues, with mental health being one of the main topics of discussion. She revealed that the bedroom is a trigger for her, particularly during a period of her life when she was going through psychosis. She described how she felt stuck to her bed during that time.

Gomez’s struggle with depression and bipolar disorder has been an ongoing battle. She shared that in her early twenties, things started to get really dark for her, and she felt like she had no control over her emotions. She experienced depression, isolation, and a sense of being unable to move from her bed. However, she also emphasized the importance of knowing her symptoms and triggers, as well as working through them.

While Gomez acknowledges that she will always have what she is diagnosed with, she believes in living with it freely and making friends with the whole process. She recognizes that one person’s presence can make a difference in her mental well-being, but also understands that it’s not always the case. She highlighted the importance of self-awareness and self-care strategies to navigate the overwhelming phases of her mental health journey.

As a mental health spokesperson, Gomez’s openness about her own struggles serves as an inspiration to others who may be battling similar issues. By sharing her story, she helps reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and encourages others to seek help and support. Gomez’s authenticity and resilience make her an important figure in the conversation about mental health in the entertainment industry and beyond.

In conclusion, Selena Gomez’s recent appearance at the Music and Health Summit shed light on her ongoing battle with mental health issues. She spoke openly about how the bedroom can be a trigger for her and emphasized the importance of recognizing triggers and practicing self-care. Gomez’s candidness about her struggles serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for others facing similar challenges, further contributing to the conversation about mental health awareness and support.

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