The Biggest Reason Competitors Mess Up Cutting Weight

by Ravi Ram

Lee Priest, the legendary bodybuilder, recently appeared as a guest on Generation Iron and Barbend’s The Mike O’Hearn Show. In this episode, Lee Priest and Mike O’Hearn engaged in a candid conversation about cutting weight effectively in bodybuilding. The key takeaways from their discussion provide valuable insights into the mental challenges and strategies of weight loss.

Lee Priest is known for his iconic physique and his blunt and honest commentary in the bodybuilding world. While some may find his statements controversial, Lee’s honesty lays bare the truths about the industry and bodybuilding itself. This is why Mike O’Hearn invited Lee Priest onto his podcast – to bring forth the unfiltered realities of the sport.

During the episode, Lee Priest talked about the mental aspect of cutting weight, emphasizing that it is the most formidable challenge. While cardio and strict diets may be physically demanding, it is the mental frustration during the early stages of cutting that can be overwhelming. Lee shared a personal technique he used to overcome this hurdle – he would stand in front of the mirror, close his eyes, and repeatedly affirm that he was losing weight. This mental conditioning helped him stay motivated during the challenging weeks of cutting.

When asked about the ideal duration for cutting weight, Lee Priest suggested that the contest cutting phase should last 12-16 weeks. However, he also acknowledged that this extreme approach may lead to looking your best but feeling your worst by the time the contest arrives. Instead, for the average person, Lee emphasized the importance of consistent and healthy eating habits. He recommended adopting a steady and balanced diet, as healthy eating forms the foundation for looking good and feeling great in the long run.

Lee Priest also touched on the psychology of dieting, particularly regarding the pressure to avoid unhealthy treats. He argued that trying to completely eliminate indulgent meals is unrealistic and can lead to guilt and eventual diet abandonment. Instead, he advocated for a shift in mindset – incorporating occasional treats into a foundation of healthy eating and consistent exercise. By doing so, individuals can reduce the psychological pressure and make healthy living a sustainable lifestyle choice.

Lee Priest’s blunt and honest commentary has made him both adored and hated in the bodybuilding world. His reputation, both for his physique and personality, inspired Generation Iron to produce a documentary about his life, career, and impact on the sport. Titled “Lee Priest Vs Bodybuilding,” the documentary provides a definitive telling of Lee’s story and is available on all major digital platforms.

In conclusion, the episode of The Mike O’Hearn Show featuring Lee Priest provides valuable insights into the world of weight loss and cutting in bodybuilding. Lee’s wisdom and personal experiences shed light on the mental challenges, strategies, and the importance of adopting a healthy, sustainable approach to diet and fitness. Whether you’re on a weight loss journey or simply interested in bodybuilding, this episode is definitely worth a watch.

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