Toronto hopes to improve access to fitness services with FitnessTO program – Toronto

by Ravi Ram

FitnessTO: Toronto’s New Fitness Program Offers Accessibility and Flexibility

The City of Toronto has launched a new program called FitnessTO, aimed at providing more accessible and flexible fitness services to its residents. The program focuses on affordability, making fitness accessible to more people.

FitnessTO offers a membership program for individuals aged 13 and older, granting them access to over 65 community recreation centers. These centers offer a range of drop-in group fitness programs, including aquatic programs, weight and cardio rooms, and indoor pools with lane swimming.

One of the key features of FitnessTO is its emphasis on affordability. Memberships, day passes, and multi-visit passes are available to individuals aged 13 to 18 and those 60 and older at half price. The City of Toronto aims to make fitness accessible to people of all age groups, ensuring that everyone can prioritize their well-being and stay active.

Mayor Olivia Chow expressed her pride in providing accessible and flexible fitness membership options that encourage the city’s residents to prioritize their health. She stated that a healthier city leads to a stronger city and thanked the City staff for their efforts in expanding benefits and increasing options.

It is important to note that the City of Toronto still offers free and lower-cost recreation programs at many community centers. These programs are available to individuals who may not be able to afford a fitness membership. Additionally, those receiving social assistance and living in Toronto are pre-approved for the Welcome Policy recreation fee subsidy, further assisting in accessing fitness programs. Individuals with a before-tax total family income below the Low Income Cut-Off threshold can also apply for the Welcome Policy.

Overall, FitnessTO is an initiative by the City of Toronto to promote accessibility and flexibility in fitness services. By offering affordable membership options and a wide range of programs, the city hopes to encourage more residents to prioritize their health and well-being. With FitnessTO, Toronto aims to create a healthier and stronger community.

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