Want To Know How The Fittest Teenager On Earth Works Out? CrossFit Athlete Lucy McGonigle Shares Her Favorite Five-Move Routine

by Ravi Ram

Meet Lucy McGonigle, the fittest teenager in the world. At just 17 years old, Lucy is a CrossFit athlete from Ireland who has dominated the girls 16-17 division at the CrossFit Games for two consecutive years. Not only does she possess incredible physical strength and endurance, but her technical ability is also impressive, demonstrated by her one-rep max snatch of 76kg.

Given Lucy’s status as an elite athlete, it is no surprise that her favorite workout is intense and challenging. However, it may not be what you expect. Instead of a typical metcon with minimal rest and a race against the clock, Lucy’s favorite workout consists of five exercises performed in straight sets.

According to Lucy, this workout is a favorite of hers because it engages all of her muscles and offers plenty of variety. For those new to CrossFit, straight sets are an excellent way to master fundamental movements such as wall balls, box jumps, and double-unders. By focusing on quality reps, strength, and endurance gains can be achieved while honing technique.

For experienced CrossFitters, this workout format provides an opportunity to approach each set with renewed focus and intensity. Additionally, it allows for a greater challenge in terms of the weights used, making heavy power cleans a possibility. Lucy advises maintaining a strong grip on the barbell and keeping it close to the body during the lift. The clean itself should be performed explosively, extending the hips and shrugging the shoulders to generate power.

The workout consists of five sets of three reps with a 60-second rest interval. The exercises to be performed in this manner are power cleans, box jumps, kettlebell swings, wall balls, and double-unders. The number of sets and reps for each exercise varies, but the consistent rest interval allows for adequate recovery between sets.

Lucy’s advice for power cleans is to hinge at the hips, keeping the back flat and chest up. With box jumps, she suggests choosing a height that challenges but still allows for safe landings, using the arms to generate upward momentum during the jump, and landing softly with slightly bent knees to absorb the impact. When performing kettlebell swings, proper form is crucial, with the hinge at the hips being initiated, and the back kept flat and chest up.

When it comes to wall balls, squatting deeply and explosively standing up while throwing the medicine ball against the wall is key. The catch should be smooth, transitioning seamlessly into the next rep. Finally, for double-unders, Lucy advises using the wrists instead of the whole arm to rotate the jump rope, maintaining a light footwork, consistent rhythm, and focusing on timing to successfully clear the rope twice with each jump.

Lucy McGonigle is a true inspiration for young athletes, demonstrating that age is not a barrier to achieving greatness in sports. Her dedication and passion for CrossFit have propelled her to become the fittest teenager in the world. By following her workout routine, both beginners and experienced athletes can improve their strength, endurance, and technique, ultimately becoming fitter versions of themselves.

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