Watch the World’s Strongest Man Mitchell Hooper Flip 660 Pounds

by Ravi Ram

The world of strength and fitness training continues to captivate and inspire people across the globe. One recent viral video showcased the incredible training session between Mitchell Hooper, the reigning World’s Strongest Man champion, and retired CrossFit legend Mat Fraser. The footage, which features Hooper flipping a 660-pound pig, has been viewed over 8 million times on various platforms.

The overwhelming response to the short clip prompted Hooper to share a full-length video of his workout with Fraser and CrossFit athlete Jayson Hopper. The session involved a combination of high-intensity metcon work popular in CrossFit and classic strongman events. Despite his size and stature, Hooper displayed impressive athleticism and skill throughout the workout.

In the video, Hooper jokingly acknowledges the challenges he faces due to his unique physique. He wonders whether his large stomach prevents his thighs from reaching his chest during certain exercises. Nevertheless, Hooper tackles each exercise with determination and a sense of humor.

The training session also highlights Fraser’s ability to perform challenging exercises with impeccable form and core stability. The loop de loop on the pull-up bar is particularly challenging, but Fraser executes it flawlessly.

However, the video is not just about showcasing Hooper and Fraser’s skills. It also includes instructional moments, with Hooper guiding Fraser and Hopper through the correct form for the log press, a staple strongman move. Hooper emphasizes the importance of technique and encourages them to embrace the feeling of being in a weaker position while putting the log in a stronger position.

Throughout the session, both athletes showcase their respective strengths and skills. They engage in classic moves from their training arenas, including walking handstands and yoke carries. These exercises demonstrate the versatility and athleticism required in their respective sports.

The highlight of the video is undoubtedly the 660-pound pig flip. Hooper and Hopper successfully complete the challenge, while Fraser reflects on his complicated history with the exercise. In a separate interview, Fraser recalls the first time the pig flip was included as an event in the CrossFit Games, stating that it “destroyed” him and resulted in a last-place finish. However, it is evident from the current training session that Fraser has come a long way since that experience.

The video serves as a source of inspiration and motivation for fitness enthusiasts around the world. It showcases the dedication, strength, and resilience required to excel in different disciplines. Both Hooper and Fraser exemplify the power of pushing boundaries and challenging oneself to achieve new heights in strength and fitness.

In conclusion, the viral video featuring Mitchell Hooper and Mat Fraser’s training session showcases the incredible strength and skill of these elite athletes. It highlights their ability to overcome challenges, embrace technical aspects of training, and push their limits. The video serves as a reminder that with determination, hard work, and the right mindset, incredible physical achievements are possible.

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