Watch: Waitress Carries 13 Beer Mugs At A Time, Internet Impressed

by Rajesh Kaur

Incredible Video of Waitress Carrying Thirteen Beer Mugs at Once Goes Viral

Remember last year in October, we brought forth an incident, where a video set the internet ablaze, showing a waitress picking up 12 beer mugs at once? The clip took the Internet by storm and left the users stunned. We have something similar this year, but only better. It turns out that last year’s record has been breached. This time a clip is making rounds on the internet that shows a waitress picking thirteen beer mugs at once. The clip was captured during the ongoing Oktoberfest in Germany’s Munich. The incident came to light after it was shared by a user on X (formerly Twitter) on Thursday.

The viral video opens with a waitress standing across the counter, waiting for someone to pass her the beer mugs. While a man standing next to her was seen passing her beer-filled mugs, she also received a few from a man on the other end of the counter. The waitress was seen making a formation with the mugs so that it became easier for her to get a proper grip. She can be seen making two small semi-circles on each side. Once she receives six beer glasses on each of her sides, the waitress keeps half a dozen mugs on top of the other 6 mugs. When she was ready with the thirteenth mug filled with beer, she placed it in the middle of the six beer mugs and lifted it all at once with a big smile on her face. The clip was shared with the text, “The strength of Oktoberfest waitresses is truly remarkable!”

Needless to say, the video sparked a meme fest in the comments section, with several users dropping hilarious gifs and short clips.

Many users pointed out why she is putting such efforts instead of carrying it all in two trips, as a comment read, “Why not make two quick trips instead of waiting for the full load?”

A user said, “This girl should be on the Guinness World Record list.”

Another claimed, “That’s years of experience right there.”

“Insane and very impressive,” one user wrote.

So far the video has been played more than 11 million times.

This incredible video showcases the skills and dedication of waitresses during the Oktoberfest. It takes immense strength and balance to carry multiple beer mugs at once, and this waitress has undoubtedly mastered the art. The feat has left viewers in awe and admiration, appreciating the hard work and abilities of these waitresses who ensure that the Oktoberfest celebrations run smoothly.

Videos like these not only entertain but also provide a glimpse into the unique and fascinating traditions and events celebrated around the world. Oktoberfest is known for its lively atmosphere, delicious food, and of course, the abundance of beer. It is an event that attracts visitors from all corners of the globe, and the waitstaff plays a crucial role in ensuring that everyone has a memorable experience.

As the video continues to circulate and gain views, it serves as a reminder of the incredible talents and strength of individuals working in the service industry. Their dedication and hard work often go unnoticed, but it is essential to appreciate and acknowledge the efforts they put into making our experiences enjoyable.

Whether it’s breaking records or simply providing outstanding service, these individuals deserve recognition and respect. So the next time you visit a restaurant or attend a festival, take a moment to appreciate the skills and efforts of the waitstaff who play a vital role in creating memorable experiences for all.

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