Woman, 24, who thought she was just having panic attacks told she needs major surgery

by Raj Das

Fit and healthy 24-year-old Megan Colvill was shocked to discover that her episodes of heart palpitations were not panic attacks, as she had initially believed, but symptoms of a serious heart condition. Megan, also known as Maggie, had experienced heart palpitations a few times before, but they only lasted for a few minutes. However, in April, she had an episode that lasted for over an hour and made her feel breathless, leading her to seek medical attention. After several tests, Maggie was diagnosed with Wolf Parkinson White syndrome (WPW), a heart condition that requires urgent surgery.

WPW is characterized by a hole in one of the chambers of the heart, which leads to an overload of electrical currents, resulting in palpitations. The condition puts Maggie at risk of heart attack or even death if left untreated. Although she was initially taken aback by the seriousness of her diagnosis, Maggie realized the urgency of the situation and the potential risks associated with the surgery. There is a 1 in 200 chance of suffering a heart attack on the operating table and a 1 in 1000 chance of dying.

Despite her fears, Maggie is determined to make the best of the situation and raise awareness for heart conditions like hers. She will be participating in a sponsored 15K walk alongside her friends and family to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. She recognizes the importance of organizations like the British Heart Foundation in funding research and finding cures for conditions such as WPW.

Maggie acknowledges that her age and overall health gave her a false sense of invincibility before her diagnosis. She regularly goes to the gym and leads an active lifestyle, so the news came as a shock. However, rather than dwelling on the negatives, she wants to focus on the positive and raise awareness and funds for heart conditions in order to help find cures.

Looking toward the future, Maggie remains hopeful that her surgery will be successful and allow her to lead a normal life. She has recently started a degree in working with young people, family, and children, and she is excited to complete her studies and pursue a career in a field she is passionate about.

Before her surgery, Maggie will participate in the sponsored walk in November. So far, she has managed to raise £1,005, and she hopes to raise even more for the British Heart Foundation. Her determination to make a difference and help others facing similar heart conditions is truly inspiring.

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